I love weddings. I love every single thing about them. People at their VERY BEST!! The excitement, the build up, the preparations, the reactions. I love it all.

I capture them softly, I capture it naturally as it happens and I capture it quietly.

I document all those lovely soft/ funny/ crazy/ weird/ moments that you mightn’t even know happened and THAT IS THE VALUE of photography!! You’ll have your beautiful memories from the day but in 50 years time you will still have the photos I take for you!

I don’t do posed or set up images (Aside from the family photos but we can have some fun with them too!) You’ll hardly notice I’m there. Unless I’m on fire duh!

I can bring a second photographer with me for the day or I can shoot it solo. The choice is yours! I shoot everything from start to finish and I shoot photo and video.

I don't put my packages and prices on my site as I want to talk to you. I want to shoot your wedding and I want to get to know you. Every wedding is different and I don't believe in this Bronze, Silver and Gold nonsense. It's not a race. Its YOUR wedding day!!

I'm based in Dublin but I'm willing to travel ANYWHERE! :) 

Send me an email, let's meet up and talk about it, I'm easy going and I promise I will shoot your day without any hassle or awkward poses! Unless of course you're into awkward poses! Eeeeeeek.



But Gaaaaaaar?! What if it RAAAAAINS?!  We get wet my dear!

But Gaaaaaaar?! What if it RAAAAAINS?!

We get wet my dear!