Lovely to see you here!


These are true stories.


Conor & Orna


You know one of them perfect summer days? The light is beautiful, the couple are FANTASTIC and they are super keen to hang out and get some shots. (Basically smooch in nice locations while I hover around them!) A beautiful red sports car and the even more stunning Ballynatray House! One of them days! :)



Sinead & John


Sinead & John got married in the beautiful Rathsallagh house, on the most perfect day in June. It LASHED rain the day before and the day after but for some reason the gods of light shone down that day!!! I got stung by a wasp and crashed my drone, but hey! Look at these images!!!!! A super cool couple that were so happy to stand under that tree with their creamy pints of stout for the last few frames of the day!! Wishing you both all the best on your journey, may it be full of lovely pints!!



Maria & Liam


Maria and Liam returned to their native Ireland for an autumn wedding of Golden leaves, happy tears and heaps of smiles in the gorgeous Virginia Park Lodge. They had been away in Vancouver for two years so their return to get married made for an amazing day!

It’s rare to see a couple look at each other the way Maria and Liam do. As me Da says… What’s seldom is wonderful!


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Shauna & Phillip


I got an email out of the blue one day asking could I shoot a super chill elopement style wedding? 10 people, a first look in the Phoenix park, a few shots in the registry office, and a cozy party with a few laid back speeches? WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!!!

It was absolutely perfect from start to finish, the park was FREEZING but the light was INCREDIBLE. And Shauna & Phil were the sweetest couple, setting everything up themselves and wanting it to be about them and their close family. 

They walked down Sandymount strand hand in hand waving and thanking everyone for the well wishes like celebrities! A novelty at first which they soon took in their stride, nonchalantly waving away and laughing the entire time. A quick stop to work on the glutes and off to St Helen's we went. Instead of a vintage spin in a Jaguar they opted for the back of my golf!

The ceremony was so sweet and intimate (albeit quite stressful for best man John as he battled with WIFI trying to connect his MONSTER speaker for some killer jams).Shauna handmade everything and had the room looking so well!! We popped out for group shots and I nabbed the couple again to make the most of that fast fading winter light.

Wishing Shauna & Phil all the very best.

Yizzer deadly.



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Gráinne & Barry


Gráinne & Barry!! They say rain on your wedding day brings luck, and it was a truly special day in Ballymagarvey, it even rained indoors!! (Courtesy of the wedding singer's exploding water bottle!!) They had all the luck!! Such a lovely day and it goes to show you even if the heaves open, you can still have gorgeous wedding photos!!!

Wishing you both all the best on your journey, may it be full of luck and love!